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The week in review

This post is modeled off Jennifer's.

This one really is a lot about snow but it's only the first and I'm not tired of it yet so I apologize to those of you who are.

1. We had our first snow of the year this week. I got so excited this year I felt like a kid again! Must have something to do with having a new little baby to share it with. He's 5 months old.

2. Then, the next day we had the first big snowfall. In one day we were plunged into the middle of winter. It started snowing, really snowing, and blowing. DH and I took the baby outside for a bit to experience the first real snow of the year. I took lots of photos, but had to wait until my camera battery charged up.

3. I m without MY computer. I really shouldn't complain for this does not mean i am without ANY computer, I have 2 others to choose from when my husband isn't home. But for some reason I still want to complain.
It looks like it didn't play nicely with the last power outage.

4. Yes, that evening we had our first power outage. It was the first for me since living away from home and the first for the baby as well (what a week of firsts!). The power flicked off just long enough to hear everything power down, and then back on twice. DH said he was seeing flashes in the sky, almost like someone was taking a picture. Then I was sitting at my computer and happened to look out the window for a very bright flash that was distinctly turquoise in color. Everything just went turquoise it was really cool. DH told me it was probably a transformer blowing. Needless to say, with that turquoise flash the power went out, and stayed out.

As much as I was mourning not being able to watch So You Think You Can Dance Canada, I secretly love a good power outage. DH's mom called me with the voting numbers :D So DH and I spent time playing backgammon and playing with the baby, and I took pictures of all the pretty candles. (yes, I take a LOT of pictures).

5. This morning I got up early with my husband to drive him to work so I could have the car. The snow was really pretty in the morning light (and yes I took pictures). Everything is still so white and perfect, it most definitely has the touch of God. :)

6. After dropping my husband off, the baby and I went and got groceries. All except the milk. It's nice to shop when there's so few people in the store that when you see them a second time you know you've seen them before, and you keep running into the same people. Also all the workers are setting up for the day and you have to navigate between cardboard boxes instead of shopping carts.

7. There's one thing I have learned already this morning, maneuvering a stroller over ice and snow is a real challenge!
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