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Boy do I think clearly in the morning...

Last night while I was in Dartmouth trying on a wedding dress Mike phoned from the helpdesk. He said I'd left my key ring behind. I told him to put it on a desk in the front office and to send an email to cshelp-which I could read from the hallway computer telling me exactly where. The front office is usually open when I walk in in the mornings. (This morning of course, it wasn't.)

So, I wandered over to the helpdesk computer in the hall to see where he put it-I knew the office would be open soon.

Here's what I found:

Found a blue USB key on the third floor. Nothing interesting.

Gill: The front office was locked, so I put your key inside TheYellowDart (the other Windows machine).

-- Mike

(If he'd put it in the front office sooner it wouldn't have been locked :P)

So, I went to get it out. Few problems. There's screws in the back-and I can't turn them with my hands. Naturally, all the screwdrivers are locked in the helpdesk-or in Tech Support-but I'd need my key-card to get in there. (on the same ring)

I tried a few things to move the screws-then gave up and went to fetch the janitor. He let me into the desk and I got a screwdriver. I took the screws out and then tried opening the thing. Computer cases hate me, and the feeling is mutual. I saw also that there was a pc tab on it. I went to check to see the system was disarmed first. The last thing I'd want is to set off the alarm have security show up and me explaining that my key ring was stuck inside the computer. You feel bad enough when someone else trips the alarm and you have to explain.

Even with the PC tab pulled off I still couldn't get the damn thing to open, so I turned it off and unhook everything. I think this was before I took the pc tab off-I realized-but not right away that it would have to be unhooked before I could take the case off-and certainly should be off anyway. (I also found out the case opened differently from how I thought (just the side and not the whole top and both sides like the old LC machines but it looked like those) (tho I've opened it up was just early.

So, I told the computer to turn off. It went to the installing updates screen. This advises specifically not to turn it off-which case you just have to wait. While it was doing this and I was waiting to be able to get my keys, Jacob Slonim came down the stairs and headed for TL3. This is when I remembered that it's Thursday. He always needs a projector for 8:30. So I abandoned the silly machine and went to get it for him. He asked if I was tired this morning, and I said that yes I was, but that wasn't the reason for me being so behind. And I told him. We both laughed a bit-this part is starting to sound crazy cheesy now so I'll move on.

When I left to go back to the rest of the morning I took the projector bag with me... I went and put it back.

Then as it was still installing updates I went and unlocked TL2 and the LC doors. When I came back the machine was finally off. I unhooked everything from the back of it. I still couldn't open it so I moved it over to the other side to get more leverage. I pulled on the side-and realized that that was how it came off. I pulled it off expecting to see my keys-nothing. I had opened the wrong side! Before I opened it I looked at it for a moment to see which side I was supposed to open-I guess I pictured it with the front towards me instead of the back-because I was sure that was the correct side. This was also when I realized that the screws had been on the side that I had just opened-and there were only screws on one side. So the screwdriver bit is useless-but there was no way locked out of the desk that I could see whether the alarm system fro the machine was disarmed or not. And I would not have wanted to set it off so I hope I would have realized that if I'd been able to figure out the screws meant nothing. I do wonder, if he left the system unarmed deliberately for me-or if he just forgot to rearm it after he put the key in.

I put the stupid side back on-after a few tries-cases hate me. Then I opened up the other side and there they were. Really, we wasted a few pc tabs, no? He had to put a new one on last night after he put the key in...and I needed another this morning after taking it out. Tho, he could have just not put on e back on and saved the issue of me possibly setting it off-cuz I don't think he REMEMBERED to leave the alarm off. (Answer: )

Then I went quickly and tapped all the computers etc in TL2 and the LC. I was going around the corner to get to TL1 when I saw a professor hopelessly trying to get into the console to start class. He was about to get very annoyed so I tapped on the glass to signal I was coming to help. I apologized for not having it ready-and would have shared my lovely reason-if the class wasn't almost full.

Then I went and did the rest. I got more delayed in TL2 with a logged in computer that was shown doing things it probably shouldn't.

I didn't get back from my rounds until 8:50! Yay, mornings are fun!
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